Heritage Woods residents had the opportunity to take a bus ride to an ice cream shop in April.  And not just any old ice cream shop – GT’s Ice Cream Shop in Cisne.  What makes this shop special is the friendships that have been formed.  When the residents heard we were going to visit our former dietary manger’s ice cream shop, they signed up and filled the bus for the 15-mile trip south.

They weren’t the only ones excited either; Toni was pretty thrilled as well.  You see, Toni worked at Heritage Woods of Flora for more than five years. The residents came to know her and love her, and she them. She recently “retired” to pursue a lifelong dream of having her own small food business.

So, a usual trip to any old ice cream shop, or even the beloved mystery trips we take, we may have six to 10 people sign up to ride  – even with encouragement. Not this trip. The bus was filled to capacity with 14 residents. And there may have been one or two more go had there been room.

Once there, Toni helped escort the residents off of the bus and get them seated around her ice cream shop. She and co-owner, Glen, took pride in filling each and every guest’s order.  As their guests enjoyed their yummy treats, Toni and Glen took the time to get out and visit with their old friends and catch up on all things new. One of the “friends” on the trip was actually family. Glen’s mother, Pearl, also went along for the ride. Pearl, by the way, will be celebrating her 100th birthday this July.

We’ll be adding the trip to GT’s to our regular rotation of outings.  It’s good to catch up with old friends. And we like ice cream, too!