Wow, what an exciting month we had in November!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary! Can you believe that we have already been in Dwight for a decade?

During the celebration, we had many guest speakers, including Dwight Mayor Jared Anderson; Deb Karch, Chief of Staff for Tom Bennett; DEA President Max Sulzberger; and Silas Scott, a representative from Senator Barickman’s office.

Everyone spoke such wonderful words about our community. Heritage Woods has made a significant impact on the Dwight community, and that was evident from the stories they all shared.

We also had Beth McCleary playing piano music in the background while everyone mingled.

To top off the milestone event, we had a huge spread of desserts and a coffee bar for everyone to enjoy.

We are so excited to be celebrating 10 years in Dwight and cannot wait for 10 more excellent years!