Ever since Judy could remember, there has always been a piano in her house.

Her parents didn’t know how to play the piano, but they took Judy and her older sister, Joann, to piano lessons. Judy started her lessons when she was 9, and she never walked by the piano without striking some keys or playing a song. Once, she reached high school, she plys for band concerts and in musicals. A teacher told her parents that she was an excellent player but insisted that she take a few more lessons. It only took six lessons for her teacher to realize how talented Judy was, and she gave her an opportunity to teach other students.

During the first month, Judy had 25 students! She was amazed how many students wanted her to teach them piano lessons. Over the next few years, she was able to save enough money from her lessons to pay for her first year of college. Judy went on to graduate from Northern Illinois University and became an elementary school teacher. She played the piano for her church and at several other events around town. 

Recently, her church donated a baby grand piano to Heritage Woods of DeKalb. 

Last month, we had a piano concert, featuring music from our Administrator Alex Haughee, Maintenance Director Dave and our truly amazing resident Judy. She was accompanied by a good friend of hers, Bob Abel, who was a choir director in Sycamore for many years and produced 52 musicals during his teaching years.

Judy thought it would be a real treat for our residents and people from the community to hear them perform tunes from the Sound of Music. Judy played while Bob sang the afternoon away. It was quite a treat to watch them together, After the program was finished, many residents told us how it brought them back to their younger days, and they were touched by the music.