From the time you took your oath, for the time you responded to my needs.
For your service, for my security. For your bravery, for my peace.
For my protection, for your courage.For my safety, for your sacrifice.
For the times you’ve left your family. For the times you risked it all.
Thank you for being our lifesaver for when we needed you the most.

The month of May was Police Week & EMS Week, which ran from May 12  through May 16.

Everyone has needed a police officer or an EMS personnel at one point or another in their lives. If it was from a car accident or a medical emergency, the men and women who serve to protect us and care for us when we are in our most desperate need don’t get enough credit for what they do.

For our service project during the month of May, we put together 150 bags with life savers and attached a little note to each bag that said: “You’re a Lifesaver!”and dropped them off at the DeKalb Police Station and three fire stations in DeKalb County. Our residents wanted to show them how much we appreciate them.