There is an old saying that most residents from Illinois can agree with and that is, if you do not like the weather, just wait an hour, and it will change. Residents of Illinois will find themselves enjoying a nice fall or spring day and switching from a t-shirt to a sweater throughout the day to keep up with the erratic weather changes. Some of this constant weather change is due to the location of Illinois being so close to Lake Michigan. Illinois is also a very long state in regard to physical size, which results in Southern Illinois getting less snow and warmer temperatures than the northern part of the State.

Residents in Illinois get to experience and see the changing of all four seasons. The four seasons are Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  Some feel that the best time to live in and visit Illinois is the Fall time because of the changing leaves and the perfect Fall temperature that leaves residents feeling warm but cool. Some enjoy Winter because Illinois is known to have some beautiful snowfalls throughout this season that many people enjoy watching from the comfort of their own home while drinking some hot chocolate. Others enjoy the Springtime because they get to see all the new blooms of the flowers and trees that are coming back to life after a cold winter season. Some even enjoy the heat and humidity that the Summer months bring because it is a great chance to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities.

We asked the residents of Heritage Woods of Centralia what their favorite seasons are in Illinois, and we got some great answers from people who were born and raised in this beautiful state.

Brenda G. said her favorite season is Spring because “things are all new and changing and I can be outside more”.

Janice L. shared that her all-time favorite season is Summer due to the fact that “it’s just so nice outside, and I get to sit outside and talk with my friends”.

June M. said that if she had to pick just one season in Illinois it would be Fall because of the weather. She absolutely loves seeing the trees change color and also the Halloween candy.

Charlie M. feels that the best season is Fall because of football but mostly because of baseball.

-Mandy Albers