Heritage Woods of Centralia is dedicated to touching lives by providing dignified lifestyles that are enhanced by the values of love, compassion, and dignity. To help ensure that this is accomplished, Heritage Woods of Centralia has created a new position on the Heritage Woods team known as Community Helpers. The role of a community helper is to focus on helping residents and their families during this time.  These community helpers help deliver care packages, mail, and other deliveries to residents’ apartments in a timely manner.  They also help with communication between families and residents during this time by scheduling and helping virtual visits via Zoom, FaceTime, or Teams.  They encourage residents to sign up for our walking schedule and help organize and maintain that schedule to ensure that all residents get an opportunity for a breath of fresh air and sunshine on these wonderful summer days.  The community helpers make sure that the snack cart and the country store cart is available on a weekly basis for residents to purchase toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, body soap, and other essential care items.  The cart also has free games and snacks for residents to enjoy at their leisure.

Heritage Woods has hired and trained multiple people to fill the Community Helper positions. Rachel, Kayla, and Olivia are the main Community Helpers at Heritage Woods. Sadie, who is mainly a dietary aide, helps with this position whenever it is needing to be filled.  All the Community Helpers go above and beyond for our residents and their families. They always bring a smile to our residents’ faces and enjoy spending quality time with residents while providing assistance with family communication and other needs.  Their helpfulness and thoughtfulness allow our emphasis to remain on providing the best care for our residents. Their positive attitudes bring a refreshing energy that helps keep our residents’ spirits upbeat and positive.  We are very happy to have these positions available, so that we can provide the best care to our residents, and we are even more honored to have Rachel, Kayla, Olivia, and Sadie as Community Helpers at Heritage Woods.  They truly care about our residents and want to help them any way they can.