Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook set out to visit local fireighters for a special thank you “survival kit” to show all their appreciation for the hard work they do to keep us and the community safe.

Our “Survival Kit” included Life Savers – to remind them of the many times they have been one; Starburst – for the burst of energy they need; Hershey Kisses – to show our love for them; Gum – because they help everyone stick together; Tootsie Rolls – because they roll with the punches; Peppermint Patty – to help them keep their cool; and Snickers – to help them keep their humor.

Many helping hands created and delivered  the bags. The local firefighters were ecstatic to see us pulling up to their station, where we were greeted with open arms!

We were lucky to get a brief tour of the newly renovated station. The station was happy to be remembered from a community staple such as Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook!