We all know the importance of staying healthy as we age.

If we eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly that will help us to live a better quality of life. In that same way, we also need to continue to socialize as we age.

Isolation can be an issue for many seniors. At times the challenge of getting out of the house to socialize is due to poor health, lack of transportation or an uncertainty of where to find social opportunities.

Socialization reduces depression, and improves overall health. Social activities help keep us mentally engaged and can even prevent the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

It is this desire to be part of a community and have opportunities to socialize that many choose the option of living in a senior community.

There are many options for senior housing, and depending on one’s needs, those options can be found right here in Boone County.

Many times people find themselves living alone, although they may still able to get out into the world – just not often as they would like. At any age or stage of life. we can find ourselves isolated from the world due to busy schedules or even in the way we have built our houses in the aim for privacy.

Something that appeals to folks about living in a senior community, such as Heritage Woods of Belvidere, is access to socialization and activities available. Having friends to share in mealtimes, join in a game of cards or just watching television together can bring a sense of connection that a person can lose when living alone.

We now know that socialization can build a stronger immune systems and mental health. Engaging with others lightens your mood and increases happy feelings.We encourage everyone at any age to get out and make those connections in the world. You will be healthier and happier for it.