We all love stories that inspire us.

I know this story inspires me, and I hope it will leave you feeling the same.

Meet Mary Ann, she is a wonderful person with a very special talent to sew.  I know she’d say she’s not doing anything amazing, but she is.  If in this world you can make a difference to one living creature, you have made a difference.

On our purposeful journey this year, AKA, Make a Difference Monday, we partnered with PAWS Humane Society in February. They asked us to make something for their Silent auction, so the residents and I set off to make something. We made concrete paper weights with stone paw prints. They were a big hit, and the humane society sold every one of them. It was a fun craft and a small effort, but we were able to make that difference.

Mary Ann is not really a joiner of activities; she prefers the solitude of her sewing room. I knew of Mary Ann’s talent and generosity when it came to the staff. Whenever a new person starts, Mary Ann will ask if you have a cat or a dog, and you can be sure not long after, you will get one of her beautiful pet quilts. I have one proudly being used in my home.

Mary Ann went above and beyond with the generosity of her time and talent. She made 19 pet quilts by the end of February and as of the end of March, she had made 12 more. I am in awe of the pure love and commitment she made to the animals that these quilts will comfort, inspired by the happiness she brings to the volunteers that are happy to have the quilts for their animals and the families that will adopt and take home their new pet with a quilt that means so very much.

It was a small thing in Mary Ann’s mind, to sew together bits of leftover fabric, to occupy her days, no big deal to her really, but I can tell you it inspires me to know that kind of love and generosity is possible from anyone and it is brought to life by people like Mary Ann.