Bob Walters noticed that there was excitement for Wii bowling and saw a new way to attract new people to join in the fun!

He got permission to create a Wii bowling league run by the residents. Realizing he could not do this alone, he recruited Ralph Schultz and Mary Jane Levin, also residents at Heritage Woods of Batavia, to work together.

Their purpose was to get “people more active and to try something new,” especially with residents who are not as involved.

Since they started their league this summer, they have attracted residents of all physical conditions, and their numbers are growing. There are 22 participants, and many of them, were not active in bowling at all prior to joining this league.

“They showed me how to Wii bowl, and I didn’t know I could do it so well!” said one participant.

Her delight is shared by many of the participants.

Another resident shared, “My bowling average used to be around 150, but after Ralph shared some tips with me, I now bowl close to 200!”

The league rules are simple:

Rule #1—Have Fun!

Rule #2—Follow Rule #1

And everyone is doing just that!

Bob, Ralph, and Mary Jane are anticipating the Resident League to grow even more this spring. They are planning a pizza and awards party to celebrate!