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Touching Lives

Designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind

At Heritage Woods, your affordable assisted lifestyle community in Batavia, Illinois, your new home awaits you

Heritage Woods is proud to provide a choice of apartment floor plans, each designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind. Our spacious apartments are designed with a living room area, kitchenette, full private bathroom and individually controlled air temperature.

All measurements are approximate, and dimensions may vary.

Evelyn & Zenol’s Story: Friendship for a Long, Long Time

When Zenol was asked how long she had been friends with Evelyn, her answer was always “since the middle 70’s”. 

These two ladies met through mutual friends and found out they both had a lot in common. As they faced retirement age, they made the biggest and smartest decision for both, to move in together.

They decided to buy a condo after renting for a few years. Zenol said, “we had success in our careers and kept or dependence, great friends and did not forget God or family”. When they both turned 90, they needed to make the move from their condo. Things were getting harder to do on their own, and they needed to find a place that would take good care of them. A place that would fill their needs, whatever those needs would be. Living apart was never an option, so they both called their families for help. It was a big order for them to sell their condo and find a place for them together. They divided the responsibility, and the new adventure began for them.

Together, they found Heritage Woods of Batavia. When they both toured Heritage Woods, they were impressed with the staff.  Zenol stated, “the key to success of any establishment that has people in their care, must be caring and well trained”. Their experience that one day convinced them they had found their new home. They read the apartment amenities and services offered that were described in the brochure, and they later found out they were all true.

In September of 2016, with their families help, they moved into a two-bedroom apartment at Heritage Woods of Batavia and “began their new life” as Zenol stated. Evelyn and Zenol enjoy all the social activities at Heritage Woods. They have become very active with Bible study and love coming to entertainment. Now when asked how long she has been friends with Evelyn, she says “a long, long time and what adventures we have had.”

Proud to Call Heritage Woods Home and Welcome Others: Jack’s Story

“My mom always taught me to be kind to everyone and help out where I can,” states Jack Peterson, who has been a resident here at Heritage Woods for three years.

Jack used to run a wholesale meat business in Chicago for many years. He then lived in Las Vegas prior to moving back to Chicago for health reasons.  His family was helpful in finding Heritage Woods, and he has been very happy living here.

“It’s very nice here and I can always see my family.”

Jack is very welcoming as a buddy to our new residents and was in regular attendance at our social/entertainment events and the Men’s Lunch prior to our COVID restrictions.  He also likes to have his apartment shown as part of the tours for prospective residents.  He says, “everyone comes here to see the ducks in the pond,” from his window.  He is proud of his neat apartment, and how neat and clean the entire building is.  He has also talked to new prospects on virtual tours of the building.

Jack further states, “I adapted to be here at Heritage Woods because I was a salesperson, and I’m sociable.  I have freedom here!”

Jack schedules regular outside visits with his family and has a picture phone in his room to talk to them daily.

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