The Red Hat Happiness Hour Party with Paula is a popular event at Heritage Woods of Batavia.

It has helped many folks (even men) find things to cheer about, laugh about, contemplate and have some fun!

The concept for the event cam from Paula’s desire to make a difference, add some happiness to the lives of the residents and to help them start bringing joy and happiness into their lives. Her vision started as “Happiness Hour with Paula” and has now morphed into the “Red Hat Society Happiness Hour Party.”  Although wearing a red hat is optional, wearing a smile is mandatory!

Some of the fun and interesting activities have included Paula’s specialty – insights and stories that bring people together and discovering ways to see the many positives in life.  Her “Who I Am Makes A Difference” program is designed to help people see the gifts and talents in others and telling them how they make a difference in your life has been especially helpful. One resident shared that it was wonderful how telling her loved ones how special they are and how they are making a difference in her life brought genuine happiness to them.

Other activities for the group include taking virtual trips to different countries, such as Paris, Spain and Canada. We also created a “happiness dream board,” learned the importance of deep breathing for stress relief and played games to help residents get to know each other better and connect.

Everyone enjoys the extra special care that Paula gives in each session, and now that she is a Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer, she gives everyone something to celebrate while fulfilling her mission to bring more joy and happiness into our world.