For the past six months, Heritage Woods of Batavia has been competing against several senior bean bag baseball teams in Aurora.

Our community is extremely competitive. Wii bowling is popular, and we decided to add another competitive sport to our activities.

Bean bag baseball consists of a wooden board, similar to the corn hole board, with several holes on it.  Each hole is marked, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, foul ball, home run, or outs.  The teams play seven innings that rotate back and forth. Our team includes 11 residents who get three or less tosses each, depending on what base they get on.

Last month, there was a tournament held at Prisco Park District in Aurora. This was our first year in the tournament but definitely not our last.

We have been practicing for a few months now and get better each time. Eight teams were in the tournament, and it was a very competitive morning.  In the end, we did not win, but we finished strong with scores of 21-32 against one of the best teams, and 6-12 on our second game.

Our Heritage Woods Bombshells continue to be dedicated and practice at least once a week. We are looking forward to watching our team grow and having more supporters come out to cheer us on when we play.