Organizing a friendly competition is quite the task. You have to garner the interest of residents and promote it as an event they won’t want to miss. Once word traveled that Hellenic Senior Living would host a Checkers Tournament, we knew the event would be a hit. Residents quickly began talking about who would become our first Checkers Tournament champion.

The buzz grew as the tournament approached, and on the big day, we had six checkers tables filled. Some residents said they hadn’t played in more than 20 years.

Each person who played received a participation trophy and gift.

The anticipation grew as the tables dwindled down to the top two finalists. Everyone stayed to watch them play and cheer them on. Move after move, king after king, jump after jump, it was a close match. In the end, we crowned Phyllis our champion.

Even now, residents are still talking about the tournament. Phyllis jokes that the friendly rivalry continues and several residents can’t wait until our next challenge.