Here at Hellenic Senior Living of Indianapolis, we are enjoying life during our Golden Years!

Everyone who lives at our community is at least 62 years old. Some people may think that means they need to enjoy life by sitting down to read the newspaper, talking on the phone with grandchildren and watching sports or soap operas on TV. While that is an option that all of our residents can enjoy, it’s not the norm at Hellenic Senior Living.

Our residents are very active and vibrant while enjoying this chapter in their lives. Here at Hellenic, you can see the excitement in the residents’ eyes and the joy they have in assisting, creating, and planning the next big event.

Right now, we’ve set our sights on National Assisted Living Week. Residents formed a committee to organize the events for the week. You can view our complete activity calendar and flyers for events that are open to the public by clicking here.

The theme of this year’s week is “A Spark of Creativity.” Some of our highlighted events are a fashion show that will be held on Sept. 9 and a play that residents will perform in on Sept. 13. Rehearsals for these events have us all excited to see residents walk the runway and show off their acting skills.

Residents at our community find great joy in participating in different activities – even ones that may be out of character for them.

It’s not just Assistant Living Week that keeps residents engaged and excited; it’s all the upcoming events and activities that take them out of their normal routines and help them find their creative side. We have residents who did not consider themselves social, physically fit or crafty, but since moving to our community, they are stepping out of their comfort zones to join the Welcoming Committee, participate in exercise programs or join our art classes.

“Maintaining that social engagement can give you a greater sense of purpose and give a sense of motivation that can make you behave in ways that are better for your health,” said sociologist Patricia Thomas, a faculty associate at the Center on Aging and the Life Course at Purdue University who has focused her studies on social engagement among older adults.

It’s very clear that the residents here at Hellenic Senior Living of Indianapolis are engaged and enjoying life — no matter their age!