Hellenic Senior Living of Elkhart is pleased to have a relationship with Healthpro Heritage, our in-house therapy team. Their director is Jen Ward. This month, Healthpro is providing education to residents on two separate dates through their Discovery Series.

A video presentation entitled “Hydration and You” is scheduled. Residents will learn how to prevent hydration by drinking enough water. Information includes alarming statistics on the number of seniors seen in the local emergency room due to dehydration and how to prevent this from occurring. Residents will also learn what foods are high in water content and can assist with being properly hydrated. At the end, water testing will be held, including grape/acai water from Nestle, the Ice brand water in strawberry/lemonade or strawberry/watermelon and two types of seltzer water including mandarin orange and lemon/lime. All the items offered are sodium free, sugar free and caffeine free.

Residents who may not be fond of plain water can sample and take notes in order to stay better hydrated during the hot summer months.