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Touching Lives

Designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind

At Grand Prairie, your affordable assisted lifestyle community in Macomb, Illinois, your new home awaits you

Grand Prairie is proud to provide a choice of apartment floor plans, each designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind. Our spacious apartments are designed with a living room area, kitchenette, full private bathroom and individually controlled air temperature.

All measurements are approximate, and dimensions may vary.

Mary's Story

I am glad to live in a nice friendly and clean place. I also feel safe and I enjoy all the activities that I can go to with Amanda I am also grateful I can have my cat Kallay Jo with me and that everybody is nice to her.

Connie's Story: Adjusting to My New Home

I am trying really hard to go back 2 and a half years to where I find myself in a new and strange place. It’s a very nice place but an unfamiliar place. But who or why am I here? My very thoughts of that time are vague, bits and pieces cloud my every thought. I remember my family deciding I needed more care I was not taking my medications properly and was failing in other ways. I did not know how bad I was. That realization has only come after months of being here at Grand Prairie where I have received good care from nurses and staff. I have also made friends here. As a former art teacher I have also found time to work on my art again. This new path has been a rough one to start. After being here for a few short weeks COVID hit. The next few months we were quaratined, as bad as it could have been it gave me a chance to begin a healing of my mind and body. How am I today? Compared to January 2020, I would say I am so much better and enjoying my new life here at Grand Prairie!


A Poem by Roxy

The food is delicious

The servers are fun

And always each evening,

The food is well done


Our fixer, Luke,

We don’t dare hate

Because on our walls,

He hangs everything straight


My L-Shaped room

Is pretty and nice

And has no bugs or

roaches or mice


The aides are all wonderful

Helpful and Kind

Cream of the crop

With friendships that bind


And then, of course,

Making it so handy,

Down the hall there is……


Juanita’s Story: Don't Knock It Until You Try It

I moved to Grand Prairie in July 2021. I didn’t know if I would like it or not. I found out quickly that I liked it. The people were friendly and nice.

 When I got familiar with the place and people, I started enjoying myself, and all the things they do. Including crafts and Bingo. I am limited because of breathing issues, but I do what I can.

I found out the food is great! I have gained 11 pounds since I’ve been here. That’s not such a good thing, but just proof that the food is good.

Everyone is so helpful and nice. My favorite employees are Kim, Teresa and Faith. I even found out that Teresa is my daughter’s cousin. I knew her when she was a little skinny girl. However, like I said, all the employees have been so nice to me.

Juanita S.

Cora’s Story: Making Grand Prairie a Part of Her Journey

Cora has been a resident at Grand Prairie since 2017. She just recently made the decision to move to Florida to be closer to her son. This is Cora’s story about how she came to Grand Prairie and her adventures along the way to get to where she is today. 

My life made a big change in 2017. My daughter was losing her battle with lung cancer, so I was taking care of her. During that time, I fell and splintered the femur bone in my leg. After surgery and lots of screws in my leg, I was able to try and go ahead with life. My son was worried about me, and where I was living became unfit. At that time, I told him I would like to go see Grand Prairie. When we got there to take a tour, we were welcomed by some very nice people. They said they had a room for me, so we said “okay, this is it!” The community was clean, and the people were so friendly. It didn’t take long to call it my home. 

I still had a long recovery ahead of me, so I got into therapy where I met even more friendly people. I knew I had to work hard to heal both physically and mentally. I had lost my daughter before moving into Grand Prairie. Along with therapy, I kept very busy by participating in every activity and function I could. I was part of the welcoming committee for new residents, and I ended up leading the exercise classes 3 times a week. I even made a Facebook ad once for our annual bake sale. I went to the Catholic Church every week to fold bulletins as well. 

I made so many friends along the way. I made a point to learn everyone’s name so we could stop and chat in the hallways so that they, too, could enjoy their time at Grand Prairie. I have learned to move forward and not look back. My heart is full of love. I look forward to the next chapter in my life and thank Grand Prairie for helping me get here. 

Morris’ Story: Grateful to Walk Again

Morris has been a Grand Prairie resident since August 2019. Prior to Grand Prairie, Morris was at a Skilled Nursing Facility and decided he could no longer care for himself at home and that Grand Prairie would be his new home. 

Upon arriving to Grand Prairie, Morris was still in a wheelchair but wanted to be able to walk again. He was able to start therapy at Grand Prairie with Amy and Jennifer. Morris explained how grateful he is for Amy and Jennifer, as they were able to help him walk with a walker and walk short distances by himself.

He would also like to share that Grand Prairie has wonderful CNAs that go above and beyond to care for the residents.

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Sandra’s Story: Seeing Improvements in Health and Wellbeing

Sandra has been a resident of Grand Prairie since 2016, and this is her story. 

Before coming to Grand Prairie, Sandra was at a Skilled Nursing Facility receiving care and therapy for declining health. While at the SNF, Sandra, along with her family, decided that she could no longer be at home alone. They began their search for Supportive Living. Sandra and her family found Grand Prairie and decided it was a great fit for her. 

Since living at Grand Prairie, Sandra has seen big improvements in her health thanks to the in-house therapy provided by McDonough District Hospital and thanks to the care of the nursing staff. 

She likes to stay active in the community and at her church. Sandra likes that she can still drive to church to attend services on Sundays and volunteer at the annual rummage sale. She enjoys the many activities that are provided at Grand Prairie. Her favorites are social hour, bingo, crocheting and the many outings she gets to go on. 

Sandra says her favorite thing about Grand Prairie is all the friendly people and friends she has made.