Each year the AALC holds many contests between all the Supportive Living facilities in Illinois. One of them is the Centenarians Contest. This is a contest amongst our oldest residents. We learned that there are many people living well into their 100’s. This year, one of our own residents won! Congratulations to Juanita!

Here is her story:

Juanita was born March 4th, 1916, in Colchester, Illinois. She is Grand Prairie’s oldest resident at 104. She is the biggest St. Louis Cardinals fan in the world. When she was 11, her family moved to Tennessee, Illinois, where she went to grade school, then to Colchester High School. She graduated in 1933 and is the only surviving member of her graduating class. In 1938, she married Cecil Daugherty. He passed away of cancer at 64. They had a daughter, Donna. In 1979, she married Cleo Briggs. He passed away 12 years later in a car accident. Juanita stayed in her home until she was 88, then moved to Lafayette Square, a retirement home in Macomb, Illinois. She stayed there for 10 happy years until she decided she needed just a little more help and assistance. In 2013, she moved to Grand Prairie and can take care of herself but likes that staff is available if she needs it. Juanita is very full of energy, always on the go and even leads Fun Time Trivia with Juanita. When Juanita turned 100, she was invited to throw the first pitch at the Cardinals game. She is also active in the spelling bee, bingo, brain teasers, crafts and exercise, just to name a few. She even has the occasional joke to tell (most of them appropriate). Juanita uses a cane mostly to get around, sometimes a walker when she needs it. She says she has no intentions of slowing down. She enjoys people, making new friends and loves calling Grand Prairie her home.