This year, National CNA Week was held June 18-25. We spent the week showing our appreciation for each one of the CNAs for all their efforts throughout the year. We want to thank them all for their hard work, commitment, and invaluable contributions to our community, which are an integral part of our community’s progress and success. We greatly appreciate their dedication and years of service and loyalty to our community. They truly are our frontline staff and a very important part of our residents’ lives.

To help celebrate the CNAs, we kicked off CNA Week with a luncheon and gift presentation on Thursday. We had Beach Day on Friday with some water fun and some virgin daiquiris and pina colada’s. Monday, we enjoyed some jazz music with some virgin hurricanes and blackjack. Tuesday was National Pink Day, and we had some various colors of pink outfits and some fun “pink” goodies to share. Wednesday was Dr. Seuss Day, where anyone could show off how to dress like their favorite Dr. Seuss character and have some fun treats. Thursday ended the week with Red, White and Blue Day and National Bomb Pop Day. We also had a staff potluck.

Thank you again to all of our CNAs for being our community heroes.

– Rita Leath and Amanda Snowden