Glasswater Creek of Lafayette and Gardant Management Solutions teamed up with the local YWCA to present on the increasing needs and poverty among seniors in our community.

With seniors living longer, Tippecanoe County will need more housing options for older adults. Not just senior housing, but more innovative senior housing that focuses on seniors dealing with limited resources.

The event featured a panel of speakers that included Jennifer Layton from Lafayette Transitional Housing, Sara Moore from Illiana Care Solutions and Rick Banas of Gardant Management Solutions. They all have experience in assisting seniors navigate hardship.

Their discussion focused on rising healthcare and housing costs, and how that is associated with an increased poverty rate for seniors. They also addressed some of the community’s options in aging gracefully and navigating a myriad of potential solutions. Many local healthcare workers, retirees and community professionals attended this program.

Rick Banas, the Vice President for Development and Positioning at Gardant, shared a story of a 90-year-old woman who resides in an affordable assisted lifestyle community. Each day, the woman would walk past the administrator’s office to check her mail before dinner. One evening, a 67-year-old gentleman who had faced homelessness was in the administrator’s office completing his lease. The lady recognized the gentleman in the administrator’s office and entered. The gentleman looked up and yelled “Mama?” She simply replied, “My baby”. The mother and son were reunited. This is just one case where affordable assisted living communities are making a difference.

Five residents from Glasswater Creek of Lafayette attended the presentation and lunch. It was a fun day for our residents to enjoy a delicious meal and hear about the struggles that still remain in our community. One resident told us that hearing these stories was a reminder of how much of a blessing Glasswater Creek has been, saying “I no longer worry about those things now that I live at Glasswater Creek.”

For more information or help navigating senior solutions, contact Brittany Brown-Davis at Glasswater Creek: 765-477-1140. We are happy to help seniors who do not know what services or providers are available to help them in crisis situations.