Carolyn and Clyde Treadway met in 1959 at a roller-skating party in Newhaven, IN. It was a connection made through their church, and a connection that has sustained many years.

The couple has been together for 61 years, but the last year has provided some challenges for them.

Carolyn suffered from a hip fracture on Thanksgiving Day and had surgery the following day. She was in rehab during her birthday and stayed there until the middle of December. The couple was together for two weeks, and then Clyde fell ill.

Just days before their 61st wedding anniversary, Clyde went to the hospital with complications and tested positive for COVID-19. He was sent to a COVID-19 facility for rehab. From there, he was sent to another long-term care facility to continue physical therapy. Clyde spent 42 days in quarantine, in isolation.

Upon recovery, Clyde was able to return to his home at Evergreen Village at Fort Wayne. This was the first time in six weeks that Clyde and Carolyn were able to see one another.

When asked what the hardest part of being away from one another was, Clyde indicated it was simply not being able to physically see one another. He said he went a week or so in the past, and it was just as hard.

Upon returning to Evergreen Village, protocol is for residents to be placed in quarantine for 10 days, an experience they refer to as the 10-Day VIP. Each day, the resident is treated to something to remind them how much they are cared for at the community. When asked how he felt about another quarantine, Clyde responded, “I don’t care. I’m with her.”

Clyde and Carolyn have two children, ten grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. They reside at Evergreen Village at Fort Wayne, an affordable assisted lifestyle community for the older adult.