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Touching Lives

Designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind

At Eagle Ridge, your affordable assisted lifestyle community in Decatur, Illinois, your new home awaits you

Eagle Ridge is proud to provide a choice of apartment floor plans, each designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind. Our spacious apartments are designed with a living room area, kitchenette, full private bathroom and individually controlled air temperature.

All measurements are approximate, and dimensions may vary.

PJ’s Story: This is My Home

She has lived at Eagle Ridge for 10 years. She moved here from her doctors recommendation. We asked what makes it special to her and she said, “This is my home.” She truly loves how everyone is family! The smiling faces make you just want to have a good day.


Paul and Jean: Continuing Their Love Story at Eagle Ridge

Paul and Jean Hupp have been married for 70 years!

They have traveled to several places but always return to their hometown of Decatur.

After some illnesses and a fall at home, they decided to take a look at Eagle Ridge. They were worried they wouldn’t be able to afford to live in a community like ours, but we assured them that wasn’t the case.

Within a week of touring Eagle Ridge, they moved into their apartment.

“I knew it was a perfect fit,” Jean said after her first visit. “We had room to move around, and people to help us when we needed help.”

Eagle Ridge of Decatur has provided peace of mind for the couple.

“I don’t have to worry about fixing three meals a day, and we don’t have to bother family for help getting to the doctor.”

Another thing Jean says they appreciate are all of the opportunities to visit with our residents.

“They are all like family to us now,” she says.

The Hupps have been able to make new memories at our community, and they are looking forward to making more.

Paul agrees with everything his lovely wife says, and that is why we’ve been able to stay married for 70 years. I just keep agreeing with her.”

Glenn’s Story: Life Changes

Born and raised in Southern Shelby County, Glenn grew up in a one room grade school till 8th grade. As a senior in high school, he enlisted to the United States Navy. Soon after graduation, Glenn headed off to bootcamp in the Great Lakes. After ten long and tiresome days, he was routed back to New York. From there, they headed down the Panama Canal to the South Pacific.

During his time in the South Pacific, he traveled around 6 different islands. While on tour, he was in the Philippines when the bomb was dropped. After two and a half years in the Navy, he returned home.

While back home, he worked as a farmer alongside his father. Still trying to adjust to life back home, he headed to Mt. Pulaski where he served as a farmhand. Meeting his wife Mary in the small town, they married in 1951. They enjoyed their life in Mt. Pulaski for 7 years before relocating.

Establishing farmland on the north side of Warrensburg, they lived on the farm for 17 years. Mary and Glenn built their home in 1974, where they lived for 45 years. They continued to farm for 38 years. Mary and Glenn were married for 56 years before she passed away.

While the farm life was hard to retire, Glenn knew it was too much to keep up by himself. He moved to Eagle Ridge of Decatur and can be found watching TV in his apartment or reminiscing on the good days.

We are so thankful Glenn chose Eagle Ridge of Decatur.

Glenn C - Picture

Myra Joy: Embracing New Beginnings

Before Myra moved to Eagle Ridge of Decatur, she lived alone in her apartment for 17 years, here in Decatur, IL.

Often seen with her bowling team on Tuesday mornings, Myra was inducted to the Decatur Bowling Hall of Fame in 2004. With a love for bowling, Myra’s journey began in 1965, throwing nothing but strikes. She enjoys socializing with her friends and being competitive.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, collecting dragonware china and watching sports. She is a lifelong fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and the Celtics; Anthony Rizzo holds the top ranking for most favorite.

Myra often goes by Grandma or Gma. She has 6 children – 2 boys and 4 girls. Her youngest daughter, Erika, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and passed away in 2014. She has 15 grandchildren and 22 great grand kids. She enjoys every single one of them! She loves that they come and see her at her new home.

“Eagle Ridge feels like home,” said Myra. She enjoys the three meals that are provided every day. The library is also one of her favorite places, as she reads almost a book a day.

We are so excited to have Myra Joy as part of our Eagle Ridge community. We look forward to hearing more bowling stories and meeting more of her family.

Mac’s Story: Helping Others Again

Mac is a man who has worn several hats in his lifetime.

He served in the Marines and coached the tennis team at Millikin University. Once he retired, he served up the famous winery burgers at the local waterhole on Millikin’s campus.

As you can see, Mac has always been doing something that helps other or brings them joy.

So, it was only right that he would do the same when he moved to Eagle Ridge after suffering a stroke last March.

He started our Puzzle Club. This group does more than put together jigsaw puzzles. They glue them together and sell the finished product. They donate the proceeds, including a recent $100 donation that went to the North East Community Fund that helps the homeless.

Mac is an awesome role model for all our residents; actually, he’s an awesome role model for everyone!

If you can’t find Mac in the sunroom, working on one of our hardest jigsaw puzzles, you’ll find him in the therapy room doing extra exercise, so one day, he can pick up a tennis racket and give us a few lessons at Eagle Ridge!

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 10.41.53 AM

Howard and Barbara’s Love Story

Barb and Howard’s road to our community wasn’t easy. They’ve had some bouts with illnesses and issues with Howard’s forgetfulness.

They looked at other facilities – and even lived in one for a month. It was then that they decided to look at Eagle Ridge, and Barb said it felt like home the moment they walked into the door.

It’s the people that make our community so special. All of the residents are extremely friendly, the Sevits said, and the staff goes out of their way to be caring and compassionate.

“There is no place else we’d want to live,” Barb says.

The Sevits have been married for more than six decades.

Howard asked Barb on many dates before she finally agreed to go out with him. After that, their fate was sealed. Barb describes the time they’ve spent together as their best years.

A few years ago, Barb got sick, and it was difficult to do things around the house. They began their search for a place they could call home and find the help they needed.

Moving to Eagle Ridge has been an adjustment and made it easier for Barb to cope with Howard’s illness. Because of the assistance our community provides, Barb doesn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning, and the couple can focus their energy on what matters most: spending time with each other.

One thing is certain, Barb says, Eagle Ridge of Decatur has been a blessing.