Deer Path’s HUGS (Help Us Give & Share) Community Awareness Group has been extremely active this year.

They have written notes to cheer up children as part of the Cards for Hospitalized Kids in Chicago. They also made cards for patients battling cancer, put together first aid kits for the local women’s shelter, and most recently, they made blankets for the local animal shelter.

A member of the group told a friend about the group’s shelter project. Her friend, who lives in Texas, mailed a large box filled with different types of fleece for the group to use to make more blankets than the six they had made at one of their meetings.  Everyone in the group was overjoyed.

Deer Path residents love pets, so the project meant a lot to them. At our community, and several of them have comfort dogs and cats, and we even have one comfort bird in our community!

During our second meeting to make the shelter blankets, we had more than double the attendance of any other meeting.

Everyone worked in pairs. One member cut the fabric, and the other tied the knots on our kennel-sized blankets.

At the end of our meeting, the blankets were counted.  The Deer Path HUGS Group made a whopping 23 blankets for the local animal shelter.  Twenty three cats and dogs looking will be able to snuggle in a nice, warm fleece blanket and will be able to take it with them to their forever home.