COVID-19 Articles

COVID-19 Articles

June 2, 2020

On March 10, 2020, our communities implemented restrictions to control and/or prevent the outbreak of COVID-19. This is an important date. Our decisions since this date have been made for the sole purpose of keeping our residents and employees safe. We recognize that over the past 12 weeks, these necessary safety precautions have been difficult and have caused each of you to be separated from your loved ones. Again, we have always placed the health and well-being of our residents and employees first. As we look back, we are confident that the proactive approaches taken, were the right decisions at the right time.

During the past couple of weeks, we have formed a team to develop a plan to begin to slowly lift some of the restrictions that have been imposed. The team, “Reclaim Home” will only make changes when we are prepared to do so and only when we have the resources, equipment, space, and guidelines to do it safely. June 5th will be our “Reclaim Our Home” day in the communities. Our employees and residents will be celebrating the beginning of reclaiming their home. 

This will be followed by the first step of our plan, which is modified small group activities, to begin on Monday, June 8th. While adhering to very detailed infection control precautions, each community will hold two small group activities daily, Monday-Friday. Precautions will include wearing of masks, physical distancing, frequent sanitizing of touched surfaces, disposable supplies, etc. A scheduling system will be implemented that provides an equal opportunity for each resident to sign up for groups. As always, in-room activities will be available for those residents who are not comfortable joining in small group activities.    

Over the coming weeks, you can expect to receive continued announcements regarding additional modifications to previously implemented restrictions. This will include the re-opening of the beauty salon, manicures, expanded window visits, outdoor visits with family members, and modified small group dining. Again, our plan will be determined by the prevalence of COVID-19, ability to adhere to required infection prevention precautions, direction from the local health department, and state orders. We look forward to the day that we can welcome our families and friends back to the community.  

Do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. We all have the goal of reclaiming home and providing new opportunities for connection with each other, while keeping our residents and employees safe.