Veterans from Cedar Grove Assisted Living participated in the Veterans Program at the Mineral Wells Elementary School.

This is our third year of being involved in the program, and it is something we all look forward to each fall.

When we arrive at the school, veterans are greeted by students who thank them for their service. Then, they sat down to enjoy a large breakfast donated by areas businesses. While the veterans eat, the students line the hallway – American flags in their hands.

Afterward, a parade led by the area high school band begins. As veterans make their way down the halls, students shout U-S-A, thank them for their service and shake the hands of each veteran. This ceremony is one of the most emotional parts of the program.

The school also puts together a special slideshow for veterans.

Many of these men and women did not receive a proper thank you when they returned from war or serving in the military, so this appreciation means a lot to them. Many Cedar Grove residents even expressed feeling they warmth and appreciation that they missed upon their return from war years ago.