September has come and gone, we here at Cedar Grove celebrate National Assisted Living week and I couldn’t be more please at the level of compassion and kindness each Resident and Staff showed. The poster board contest was a success, the creativity and love that went into the posters was beyond amazing.

The residents worked hard to show what love, compassion, and kindness meant to them. There was a 1st, 2nd and 3rdplace, the look on the winner’s faces was beyond my expectations. I think all the Residents poured their heart and soul into everything they done that week. I want to thank the residents for allowing me to be apart of their family here at Cedar Grove.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from National Assisted living Week I know we sure enjoyed the love and kindness each resident and staff showed one another. I also challenge you to finish the sudoku puzzle.

As always thank you for staying Cedar Grove Strong!

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