The calendar says spring in Swansea, but we are patiently waiting for its arrival.

We have one indicator that spring is here, despite the temperatures. We have a new friend who has taken up residency in the front area of our community under the clematis plants. A mother duck has made a nest. Right now, she is warming 14 eggs for their spring arrival. She has entertained us all as we anxiously await the arrival of her ducklings. Everyone is very protective of her and her eggs, and while she’s away for a little bit, no one is allowed near the nest. We watch her from the front windows and make sure we don’t get too close.

Another sign of spring are the flowers. Cambridge House residents Ken Vymola and Vernon Dockery say they are ready to plant and maintain the flowers that will adorn our patio. Our only problem is that it’s not quite warm enough yet. The men started last year with the upkeep of the patio and did a wonderful job of maintaining, watering and pruning the plants all season long. Ken is also in charge of the bird feeders and has requested various seeds for our flying friends. Last year, we had bird visitors all summer long because the feeders were kept full.

It won’t be long, and we’ll have spring ducklings and flowers to enjoy!