For seniors, transportation to appointments with their doctors, attorneys, beauticians and others can be challenging.

Even in bustling cities like Chicago, seniors often have to wait hours to be picked up from an appointment. Rural areas see even more challenges as healthcare sites are often further away. Many older adults, especially those who are financially challenged, go without dental care, glasses, hearing aids and care for their feet. Their lives are limited in disheartening ways.

To make it easier for Cambridge House residents to get the healthcare they need, we have partnered with SeniorWell, a company provides dentists, eye doctors, audiologists and foot doctors who come into our community.

This service has been a welcome addition at our community. It has eliminated some of the off-site doctors visits that residents needed in the past.

So far,  we have added a dentist, podiatrist and audiologist to help folks begin to have better care for their feet, teeth, eyes and ears. We are looking forward to enhancing medical offerings through our new partnership and making things like doctors visits and travel more convenient for residents.