At Cambridge House of Swansea, we recently enjoyed our third visit from former President Abraham Lincoln.

President Lincoln is an “actor” as part of the Union Armies performance from the West Performance Company.

As you can see, Abe looks just like Mr. Lincoln. He talks like Mr. Lincoln, carries himself like Mr. Lincoln and never ever tells us his “real” name. In fact, he is so true to character that he can tell endless detailed stories about Abe Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd, and their son, Todd, as well as his relationship with General Grant, and surprisingly, General Lee.

During his most recent visit to Cambridge House, Abe told us that he was proud of his son for going to school to become a lawyer as Abe himself had never attended college. Instead, he told us, he’d received his degree from reading law books. He also relived a time when he and his wife were at the theater and their son was working backstage, but somehow managed to show up on stage at the last-curtain applause. Everyone in the audience then looked up at the box where Abe and Mary had been sitting.

Abe is a distinguished story teller and so well loved that residents have asked him to return to tell stories about his life during the years he wasn’t serving as president. We’ll see you again soon, Mr. President!