Cambridge House resident Linda Ellett wanted to reach out to others and do something kind for them, so she started polishing nails for other residents every Saturday afternoon.

Though she doesn’t have professional experience, Linda, who has lived at our community since the spring of last year, still gives other residents something that is so special.

“All the ladies love it!” Linda tells us.

The pampering is something they look forward to each week.

In the past, most residents polished their own nails, but nothing compares to a gentle touch from a friend doing something special for you.

The excitement starts building on Friday. Residents start asking Linda if she’ll be in the activity room the next day.

They wait patiently as she shapes, files and polishes their nails. Linda’s polish collection has grown to more than 50 different colors.

If Linda has to skip a Saturday, then she will let everyone know, so they can get their nails painted on another day – or if someone has been unable to make the weekend appointment, Linda has gone out of her way to make house calls.

This simple gesture is making a big difference here at our community.

Thank you so much, Linda, for making us look beautiful and feel special!