Cambridge House of O'Fallon

Affordable Assisted Lifestyle Community

COVID-19 Updates

Number of Residents as of March 1, 2020:   102

Number of Residents Who Tested Positive:   0

Number of Residents Who Have Recovered:   0

Number of Positive Residents Who Have Passed:   0


Number of Employees as of March 1, 2020:   55

Number of Employees Who Tested Positive:   0

Number of Employees Who Have Recovered:   0

Number of Positive Employees Who Have Passed:   0


Data updated as of 5/15/2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I hear so much about PPE shortages how do I know the employees have what they need to keep themselves and my loved one safe?

A: We identified the need for substantial PPE stockpiles early on. With early due diligence and continued support from Gardant, the Local Health Department and the National Stockpile, I want to assure you that we have everything our employees need to keep themselves and your loved one safe.


Q: Am I still allowed to drop off items at the building?

A: Yes. The protocols we put in place to safely receive supplies/gifts/drop-offs are still in effect.


Q: Can my loved one still walk around or go outside?

A: Yes. Our Resident Services Coordinator is rounding with residents to see who would like to sign up for individual time slots to walk outside during good weather. We have set up a system that allows for safe access to the great outdoors so please encourage your loved one to utilize this system if they would like to stretch their legs.


Q: How many confirmed cases are in the community? How do I know what’s going on at the community?

A: I want to assure everyone that we will be in communication with every new confirmed case. You will receive notifications on positive cases for both staff and residents. We believe transparency is paramount to the success of our community. Transparency with our residents, staff, local government, and with you as our families is important. Our website and the Gardant website are also including weekly cumulative updates on the number of confirmed cases.


Q: Are all employees and residents being tested?

A: There is a lot of information in the media, at times contradictory, regarding testing. We are taking the direction of our state and local health departments in regards to all testing. As directed by the CDC, we continue to monitor all residents and screen employees prior to their shift. All employees are following standard precautions, including the wearing of masks and frequent hand washing. Our residents are sheltering in place in their apartments, and all group/communal dining and activities have ceased. We will continue to keep you updated in regards to the specific care of your loved one, including any testing that may be recommended.