It seems that almost daily, headlines tout the names of some big celebrities who are sharing their time and talents with the world during this time of self-isolation, via the internet or a television special. Comedians, actors, musicians and artists… all have been reaching out to their fans while social distancing. Their performances have been viewed by millions and are very much appreciated during a time when many of us are missing going out for social engagements.  

But what about those lesser-known stars? What about the local entertainers who don’t have so large a platform to help them reach out? The entertainers who bring their acts to facilities such as the Cambridge House of Maryville; whose “fans” are the residents who look forward to seeing their shows on our activity calendar each month. Many of those entertainers become like an extended family to us! During this time of visitor restriction, we’ve missed our local entertainers.

We’re pretty sure they’ve been missing us, too!

We’ve received several calls from some of our regular entertainers. Sometimes they just call to check in; to let us know that they are sending warm regards and keeping our residents in mind. Some have offered services, like outdoor concerts (just as soon as self-isolation guidelines are lifted.) Some have gone the route paved by the “big name” celebrities and have recorded performances to share on the internet, which our residents can enjoy from the comfort of their apartments. Some have stopped by to bring gifts to our staff.

The local entertainers who share their talents here at the Cambridge House of Maryville are Class Acts.  I hope that when life gets back to normal, everyone remembers to support those local entertainers who are still doing their best to bring happiness to others.