I recently read in the New England Journal of Medicine and in other respected health care journals, that since mid-December 2020, when the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were implemented, the incidence of positive COVID cases in our nation’s nursing homes and assisted living communities has decreased by more than 85%.  Furthermore, in the approximate 5% of positive cases that occurred in fully vaccinated individuals, most of these cases were either totally asymptomatic or resulted in very mild symptoms.

For those of you reading this who are fully vaccinated against COVID, I applaud you for protecting yourself in the best way possible, and for protecting those who live and work around you.  For those of you who are still vaccination hesitant for any reason other than a personal medical contraindication, I encourage you to fully educate yourself with the wealth of vaccine information that is available from reliable sources.  I strongly believe that with the foundation of an open mind, this data will illustrate that the vaccine is extremely effective in preventing serious illness and death, and it is overall a very safe process.  While there is some potential for adverse reactions to the vaccinations, the overwhelming majority are mild in nature and are limited to a day or two in duration.  The risk involved in COVID vaccinations is very small compared to the wide-reaching impact of the uncontrolled spread of the disease.

We are very fortunate to have the intelligence of modern science and medicine that quickly created an effective antidote to this insidious disease.  We also applaud the former and current White House administrations for emphasizing the development and roll-out of the vaccine, along with the pharmaceutical companies that brought it to a reality.

Again, if you are eligible to be vaccinated and haven’t done so yet, I highly encourage you make an immediate appointment.  Vaccinations are truly the only thing that is bringing our world back to some level of normalcy.