May 19

Top Wii Bowling and Spelling Teams Advance to State

Keep Moving LogoThe top Wii bowling and spelling bee teams from supportive living communities across Illinois are advancing to the state tournament hosted by the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition.

This year, 83 teams competed in the Wii Bowling Tournament. Gardant communities made up half of the 32 teams that advanced to the playoffs, and three Gardant teams will compete in the Final Four.

Heritage Woods of Batavia
The Fab 5 – Mary Jane Berry, Jim Gent, Shirley Herman, Jerry Wall and Bonnie Western

Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook
Bowling Brooks – Vonnie Heagy, Janet Kordosky, Michael Malina, Jean Pridmor and Joan Schmidt

Heritage Woods of Charleston
Heritage Woodsmen – Burleigh Hocking, John Honn, Margaret Phillips

Of the 69 spelling bee teams that entered this year’s competition, 12 are advancing to state. Half of the top teams are from Gardant communities.

Cambridge House of Maryville
To Bee or Not to Bee – Johanna Koonce and Bill Smith

Cambridge House of O’Fallon
Spellbound – Violet St. Aubin, Lois Corbitt, Deveau Oliver and Dorothy Soucy

Deer Path of Huntley
Deer Path Stingers – Robin Lapins and Mike Wells

Heritage Woods of Charleston
The Wood Spellers – Rosalie Burris and Margaret Phillips

Heritage Woods of South Elgin
Queen Bees – Joann Cavallone, Isabelle Hargadon and Gladys Peterson

Prairie Living of Chautauqua
Prairie Bees – Ann DeHorn, Donna Major,Will Major, Elizabeth Schmidt

Teams will compete during the statewide tournament, which will be held June 1-2 at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield. Live streaming of the event will be available.

2016 Wii Bowling and Spelling Bee Team Finalists

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