February 7

Words of Wisdom for Younger Generations

By Rick Banas of Gardant Management Solutions

During the month of January, Robin Kakara asked residents at Heritage Woods of Ottawa a question: what advice would you give to younger generations?

Robin serves as the Resident Services Coordinator for the affordable assisted living community that serves older adults who need some help to maintain their independence. Residents from their late 60s to their early 90s responded.

Here are some of their pearls of wisdom that come from decades of life experiences:

“Accept what you have; not what you don’t.” – Dawn, age 68.

“Get a good education and work hard.” – Catfish, age 68.

“Enjoy your young days.” – Patrick, age 69.

“Get involved in outside organizations.” – Joyce, age 77.

“Listen to your elders.” – Marilyn, age 79.

“Follow your gut.” – Pearl, age 83.

“Talk less; listen more.” – Shirley, age 84.

“Be yourself.” – Betty, age 87.

“Pay attention in school.” – Natalie, age 91.

“Always tell the truth; never lie.” – Bette, age 91.

“Don’t live together until you get married and choose wisely.” – Marge, age 92.

“If in doubt,  . . .  don’t.” – Betty, age 92.

“Speak up and always stick up for yourself” – Shirley, who described her age as “too old.”

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