July 21

People’s First Health Strategies Announcement

Exciting things are happening at People 1st Health Strategies this summer. We areconverting and implementing a newsoftware system.

Since parts of our new system arestill under construction and as we progress through this transitionover the next few months, you willperiodicallyreceiveadditional information on the new software and portal features being added. You and your clients can look forward to seeing some new features such as:

 New and morerobustreporting

More readily available information

New portals, both employer and plan member

❖ Effective July 1st, links will be availableprovidingaccess to the Machine Readable Files (MRFs) as required by the federal Transparency in Coverage Rulefor all employer sponsored health plans.The MRFs will include in-network negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and providers. The People 1st Health Strategies public access file link is: here.

Please note: The information contained in the MRFs isnot geared to client groups and their members. Thesefiles are quite large and primarily targeted to researchers, regulators, and application developers to access and develop data more easily,but they also must be available to the public.While the guidelines are a bit unclear, most available information indicates that in addition to the above link,which will be “live” 7/1/2022, employers sponsoring self-insured health plans should also be prepared to post a link on their company’spublic facing website,rather than an internal site or benefits portal that is only available to employees or plan participants.As a People 1stHealth Strategies client, the link above can be posted to your client’s public facing website.

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