December 6

Live Life Fully Alive

By Rick Banas of BMA Management, Ltd.

Fully Alive by Ken Davis Book CoverHere is a question for you. Do you know of people who are sleepwalking through life? They are breathing; their heart is pumping; but they have little, if any, zest for life. People who view life as being a spectator sport. Their favorite activity is sitting in a recliner, watching life go by. People who feel their best days have long since come and gone. People who when they wake up in the morning ponder why they are still here.

Unless you answered with an emphatic “NO,” here is a recommendation for you. Let them know about a book that was published this year called “Fully Alive.” The author is Ken Davis, who is a motivational speaker and the President of Dynamic Communications International.

The book caught my attention as I was looking for things to read on a trip we were making to the mountains of Colorado to visit our oldest daughter, her husband, and our first grandchild, who was born in October.

Coincidentally, the book begins with a story about a camping trip that Ken and his family had taken to the mountains of Colorado.

In the book, Ken expertly combines storytelling with humor, inspiration and great insights about his journey to the land of Living Fully Alive. He talks about what prompted his awakening to the need to change his life and things you can do to help increase the likelihood of “Skating Well on Golden Pond.”

He illustrates the importance of having the right attitude, physical and mental exercise, friendships, forgiveness and spirituality. He provides helpful tips on how to get started, pace yourself, and keep going in the quest to Live Fully Alive.

Ken also included an Appendix that lists a few of the resources that he found helpful in his effort to regain his physical health.

His insights and advice apply to adults of all ages.

I encourage you to check the book out for yourself and share your observations and comments with us.

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  • Ken Davis says:


    I hope you enjoyed your time in beautiful Colorado. Thank you very much for the kind words about my book “Fully Alive.” It sounds as though we live by the same philosophy and seek to help others live to the fullest as well. Keep up the good work and thank you again for recommending my book.

    Ken Davis

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