March 24

The Coronavirus and Older Adult Loved Ones

By Rick Banas of Gardant Management Solutions

With so many of us under stay at home, shelter in place and quarantine directives because of the coronavirus, here is an idea. It stems from one of the things we have started doing with residents of the senior living, assisted living and memory care communities Gardant manages.

Our adult loved ones have a lifetime of memories and decades of experiences. Whether you are communicating with your loved ones by phone, Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other means, ask them to tell you about those memories and experiences.

Ask them about what their brothers, sisters and cousins were like growing up. What school was like. The games they played. Their favorite toys. What they did during the summer when school was out.

Ask them about the jobs they had; the music they liked; their favorite television shows and movies.

What were the places they lived like? What about the places they have had the opportunity to visit?

As teenagers and as adults, what did they do for fun? What have been the biggest changes they have experienced over the years?

If they have the ability, ask them to document their answers. It could prove a wonderful alternative to sitting in front of the television.

Let them know how great it would be for them and for you to share their answers with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Their answers would create a family legacy to share with generations to come.

Rather than hitting them with the entire litany of questions all at once, consider a question a day approach. It would give you something different to talk about when you connect.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting responses to question we are asking residents in our communities.

We would appreciate your feedback. 

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