February 6

Shattering Assumptions about Growing Older

In her book “Breaking the Age Code,” author Becca Levy, Ph.D., highlights through data and stories the reasons why we need to combat ageism and details strategies that all of us can use to bolster positive beliefs about aging.

December 1

A Winter of Shivers and Older Adults

Prepare for a Winter of Shivers, predicts the 2022 Old Farmers’ Almanac. Bone-chilling temperatures are expected across much of the United States. With the meteorological start of winter occurring on Dec. 1, please remember that cold weather can cause hypothermia and older adults are especially vulnerable.

December 3

Bathroom Redo: 8 Tips for Accommodating Aging-in-Place

Read this week's blog for tips to consider when remodeling a bathroom to help you or a loved one age in place.