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F: 309-968-5333
1303 South East Avenue
Manito, IL 61546

Memory Care

The Lodge at Manito includes a memory care community for older adults.

At The Lodge, we provide opportunities for residents to maintain a sense of purpose and belonging throughout the different seasons of dementia. We focus on abilities rather than limitations because we understand that as we age, our heart’s hopes and desires do not. We continuously seek innovation through a variety of philosophies to sustain the aspects of life that really matter. We use a person's life story to create a tailored, personalized approach to serving individuals and their families.

We offer social clubs, such as our men's group, book club and sewing circle, along with community service projects, pet therapy, spiritual services, cognitive stimulation, outings, an outdoor garden and physical and musical therapy.

How Are We Different?

  • We believe that dementia care is on of the richest areas of human work.
  • Our focus is on maintaining and enhancing individuals.
  • We emphasize what a person can still do and enjoy and promote each person as an honored individual.
  • We recognize that all behaviors have meaning unique to individuals. We seek to understand the message.
  • We provide a safe, comfortable, loving and consistent environment.
  • We encourage residents to retain their core identities and the uniqueness that has given meaning to their lives.

Team Approach

  • Our staff receives 16 hours of Alzheimer's and dementia training each year and two hours of education on related topics.
  • Supervision, support and guidance from a registered nurse is provided.
  • Licensed nurses are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Our primary nursing assessments provide consistent care.
  • We hold quarterly service plan meetings with family members and staff.
  • Our partnerships with other professionals ensure residents receive services and care tailored to them.

For more information on The Lodge at Manito, call 309-968-5332.

The Lodge at Manito is Wheelchair Accessible
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