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Happenings at the Woods - January 2018

We start our year, as we end the year, with togetherness at the forefront of what we stand for. The year is just beginning, and we want to start it off right. Here at Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon, we strive to bring “togetherness” year round. While the winter can be cold and snowy, we strive to continue to warm the hearts of residents and families touched by our supportive living community. Here is to many more years of togetherness and a prosperous and happy new year! Read this month's newsletter for news and updates from our community.

Happenings at the Woods - November 2017

During this time of year, we want to make sure that everyone is blessed with love and gratitude especially since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With the chilly weather, settling in for the winter sounds a bit saddening, but it doesn’t have to be! During our colder months, we gather around our tables to have conversations with good friends. We enjoy breakfast for dinner, hot coffee and tea and many other activities to keep us warm. This month, you’ll see our latest cooking club project – eggs in a basket. It was a fun activity to help us keep our dexterity sharp. Please enjoy the holiday season and keep each other warm. Peace and blessings from our home to yours.

Happenings at the Woods - October 2017

Goodbye summer, hello autumn! It is that time of year again when the weather changes and the leaves start to fall! We would like to remind everyone to start planning for the colder fall and winter nights. Halloween, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are just around the corner. Please stay tuned for dates of scheduled upcoming events. In our newsletter this month, you will find our Trick or Treat event will fall on the last Tuesday of the month. Residents enjoy passing out candy to the children on Halloween. Please feel join us!

Happenings at the Woods - September 2017

Summer is slowly coming to an end for the year, and as we settle into our homes and break out our jackets and jeans, we are reminded of the wonderful color to come for the autumn season. Here at Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon, we also prepare for our annual Fall Festival Parade! Our community within our city hosts this event - full of full of live music, food vendors, and of course the highlight - the parade. This year Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon will be involved in bringing a float to life with the theme of “Rockin’ Through the Ages.” We look forward to this event every year! Please stay warm with the chilly weather on its way; the holiday season is just around the corner!

Happenings at the Woods - July 2017

July is full of long days and beautiful sunsets. Here, at Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon, we love to spend time on the patio and greet all those who come to visit. We love the evenings where the sun takes a while to set, and we can sit and listen to our fellow neighbors play our favorite songs. We are looking forward to the local fireworks display this year and hope to see everyone out there at the airport to celebrate our Independence Day! Have a great Summer!

Happenings at the Woods - June 2017

Summer is upon us now that the month of June is here! Here at Heritage Woods of Mt. Vernon, we enjoy getting outdoors and planting, going to our local farmers market and mingling with the events throughout our community. We will be having a Father’s Day Fish Fry for the fathers of our community. This month is also a very special month as we are celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary. 10 years of service for our older adult community means the world to us, and we are excited for many more to come. Please have a fun and safe summer season.

Happening at the Woods - May 2017

In this month's issue of Happening at the Woods, you will learn more about National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. As summer approaches, we all strive to get out and become more active. Here, you will see our ever-growing exercise class led by residents in our community. We meet every day to make sure we stay moving. Staying active is very important to us here, and we hope that our example helps you get out this summer; to enjoy the world to your heart’s content!

Happenings at the Woods - April 2017

This month’s newsletter highlights our Supportive Living Week festivities under the theme “Happiness is Ageless”. You will also find additional events, such as our Easter Egg Hunt, which is open to the public. We’ve provided more useful information regarding our new staff, birthdays and important reminders. We are working to keep you up to date with news here at Heritage Woods of Mount Vernon.

Happenings at the Woods - February 2017

The February issue of Happenings in the Woods includes the latest wellness, lifestyle and sports news, plus photos and updates from our community and corporate office. This month, you'll also find news about our special centennial celebration, the Valentine Coronation Ceremony and important safety updates for Heritage Woods residents.

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