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F: 815-344-2691
4609 W. Crystal Lake Road
McHenry, IL 60050
Heritage Woods of McHenry - Touching Lives - Affordable Assisted Living

The e-mail was sent by the daughter of a resident of the Heritage Woods of McHenry affordable assisted living community to let the staff and residents know that Mom had passed away on a Sunday evening in July.

In addition to including information about the Memorial Service, the daughter added that "I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much my mother enjoyed living at Heritage Woods. She felt like a queen. I loved staying there with her, too. The buzz is so happy and uplifting; the place is so lovely; and the assistance was fantastic. We loved it."

"I only wish Mom could have lived there longer. I think it was her favorite home since they left the Harvard farm some 26 years ago."

"I remember the first day I arrived to spend two weeks there with Mom. I asked a woman how she liked living there. She raved, "I love it. It's like living in a Five Star Hotel. A lot of people told me the same thing. And, they were right."

I also want to give kudos to the CNAs who were so kind and helpful to Mom… and to me. All were just terrific. One woman, in particular, really connected with Mom. Karen Carlson. She always came in with a big smile and full of joy. She was patient in helping Mom with her hearing aid, which none of us could insert as well as she did. They got such a kick out of each other. Karen brought out the best of Mom; they could kid and laugh together. I adored just watching the two of them interact."

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to create such a wonderful atmosphere and home for all our beloved elders. You do a dynamite job."

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