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F: 815-787-6560
2626 N. Annie Glidden Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Heritage Woods of DeKalb - Touching Lives - Affordable Assisted Living
Judy Puryear, a New York transplant, talks about her experience at Heritage Woods of DeKalb.
The 69-year-old loves the meals, the people and the atmosphere at the assisted living community she has called home since July. 
“The food is out of this world. The cooks are great, and you can have whatever you want,” Judy explains. “When I walked in here, I thought I was in a plaza hotel. It is beautiful.”
She says she would recommend Heritage Woods to anyone. “If you’re looking to find a good, decent place where you can survive and live happy,” Judy advised, “come to Heritage Woods. You wouldn’t be sorry.”
When her parents health continued to decline, Amy Hueber knew they could no longer live on their own.
She began researching alternatives and found Heritage Woods of DeKalb, an affordable assisted living community not too far from where they lived in Genoa.
Dixie and Arden Awe moved in this summer; it has taken a huge burden off of them and their daughter.
“I was overwhelmed,” Dixie said, “and I needed something more than what I had where we were living – supportiveness for Arden and myself – and it’s here.”
The support system comes in the form of medication assistance, meal preparation, help with daily activities, ongoing health monitoring and certified nursing assistants that are available 24 hours a day.
“Knowing that there is nothing to worry about, that they can push a button and somebody can come to their aid anytime – day or night – is very reassuring,” Amy said.
Dixie appreciates the busy social calendar that is available to residents. They can play bingo, make crafts, attend church services at the community and go on outings together.
The staff and other residents at the community have helped ease the transition to their new home, and every day, Dixie says, the couple realizes how lucky they are to have a place like Heritage Woods to call home in their golden years.
“Heritage Woods is a blessing,” an emotional Dixie explained, “It’s a place between home and the rest of the journey.”
Heritage Woods of DeKalb is Wheelchair Accessible
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