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Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook - Touching Lives - Affordable Assisted Living

Pearl, Gayle and Bill were quickly running out of options.

Pearl, who is 89 years old, was living alone in an apartment in Naperville, Illinois. She had fallen a couple of times in the middle of the night, and her eyesight was failing. Due to her vision problems, Pearl was no longer able to drive and she was having difficulties seeing her medications.

The solution was to hire a live-in to be with Pearl 24 hours a day so that help would be available when she needed it.

The woman who was living with Mom was very good; she was like family, explained Gayle, Pearl's daughter. The problem was that Mom's finances were quickly being depleted. Just the cost of the live-in help alone was more than $1,000 a week. She would soon be at the point of not being able to afford the person who was helping here. Likewise, she was not going to be able to afford assisted living. She wanted her independence, and certainly didn't want to go to a nursing home.

"We were at the point where we didn't know what was going to happen." says Gayle.

Thankfully, she adds, a direct mail piece with information about Supportive Living and Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook caught her attention as she was sorting through her mail. "It addressed what was going through our mind" so Gayle and her husband, Bill, discussed it with Pearl and decided to take a look.

"This was new to us," says Gayle, but the more we learned, the more we were convinced that Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook was, "where Mom was supposed to be."

» The Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook affordable assisted living community is especially designed to benefit older adults, such as Pearl, who need some help to maintain their independence but do not have the financial resources to afford assisted living.

» The location is ideal, right down the street from where Gayle and Bill have lived since 1971.

» When they inquired to get more information after getting the direct mail piece and met with Leah Mayer, who is the Director of Marketing at Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook, Gayle pointed out that, "there was no pressure and she was so easy to talk to."

» Pearl would be able to have her own apartment… plus she would get the assistance and help with her medications she needed. She would not have to move to a nursing home.

» Everyone involved with Heritage Woods is so loving and caring. They treat us like family.

Pearl, however, was not too sure, says Gayle. She had lived in her apartment in Naperville, IL for more than 20 years and wanted to stay there for as long as possible. She was comfortable where she was and apprehensive about what she would be getting into. She knew where everything was at in her apartment in Naperville, IL which was important to her because of the problems she has with her eyesight.

It was not until after construction of Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook had been completed and Pearl had the opportunity to see what her apartment looked like that she fully agreed with the decision to move.

Pearl, Gayle and Bill have all benefitted from the decision for Pearl to move to affordable assisted living after she had lived alone for so long. Pearl enjoys "a good measure of the independence that she wanted and we know that she is well cared for," says Bill.

Robert Kampf's move to the Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook affordable assisted living community has put the founder of the Bolingbrook Police Department back in the driver's seat.

Kampf is a big NASCAR fan. Back in the day, he drove stock cars on the track at O'Hare Stadium, which was located across from O'Hare Airport on the southwest corner of Mannheim and Irving Park Roads in Schiller Park, Illinois. The native of Melrose Park also attended the stock car races at the Santa Fe Speedway in Willowbrook for many years.

Today, a poster of Jeff Gordon, his favorite driver, decorates his apartment at his new home in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

His story was heartbreaking, said the Heritage Woods Administrator. At the age of 57, he went to the hospital for a routine procedure. While recovering from surgery, he suffered a severe stroke. For ten years, he was bounced from nursing home to nursing home and was even put into a secured dementia care unit on the second floor of one facility because no long-term Medicare-bed was available.

Robert's son who lives in Aurora learned about Heritage Woods and thought it would be perfect for his father.

Fortunately, Robert had made sufficient progress in his recovery to qualify for residency, and he moved into his apartment on the third floor of Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook in mid-August 2010.

"Sure enough, I like it," says Robert. "It is much better than the nursing home. The people here are very nice."

Robert especially enjoys the freedom to once again do whatever he wants and appreciates the chance to move back to Bolingbrook, where he started the Police Department and served as the first police officer.

Heritage Woods of Bolingbrook is Wheelchair Accessible
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