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Gateway at River City - Touching Lives - Physical Disabilities

Gateway Offers Newfound Independence
I recently moved to Gateway at River City from a nursing home. I feel as though moving here has been a Christmas blessing because I am able to start my own holiday traditions with my new family here at Gateway. 

This year has been full of firsts for me. I am proud to say I helped decorate a 9-foot Christmas tree in our lobby. I was also able to bake a chocolate cake and frost it all by myself for the first time in three years. 

I am so pleased that I have been given the opportunity to be more independent and am able to do my own thing. I don’t have a curfew now and am more independent.

The staff here at Gateway really cares about me and the other residents. They are so fun and friendly. Sometimes, I just ride around in the shuttle to get out and explore the city of Peoria. 

As I get to know the residents, I realize that I have a lot in common with them, and we share many similar life experiences. We look out for one another and help each other out. 

I am blessed to have had this chance to start a new chapter in my life in a brand new community. I feel like I am where I belong. I am home.

Chris Smith, 24, of Bloomington

New Community Empowers Resident to Take Over His Life
Mike Waddell, a 56-year-old from Plymouth Illinois, had lived in four different nursing homes in just as many years. The staff at each nursing home told him he would never be able to live on his own.

Then, he found out about Gateway at River City, a new affordable assisted living community that was designed to serve adults 22 to 64 with physical disabilities.

The chances of him being approved to move in would be a long-shot, Mike recalled thinking. He was so relieved when the Gateway staff called to let him know he’d be one of the first residents to make a reservation at the community.

“This place has empowered me to take over my life,” he said.

Crediting a big part of his transformation to the supportive staff at Gateway, Mike said they have embraced him and been loving, caring and helpful.

“I love everybody here, and even though I tease them, they still love me for who I am” he said. “I have loved every minute of being here.”

Gateway at River City is Wheelchair Accessible
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