June 25

Proposed Illinois Budget Cut Measure Likely To Be Costly

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is poised to make a costly mistake as he looks at how to balance the state’s budget.

June 21

Seniors: Take the Summer Heat Seriously

With summer officially beginning as we celebrate Father’s Day today, I want to remind you that high temperatures, especially when combined with high humidity levels, should be of concern to all of us, particularly older adults.

May 19

Talking with Your Children about the Rest of Your Life

What Baby Boomers say they want and what they are likely to do when it comes to the issues associated with the end of life are two different things, Tim Prosch told us during the session he was conducting at ALFA15: The Senior Living Executive Conference.

May 5

Is Victoria’s No Secrets What’s Next?

Will those of us in the Baby Boomer generation be shopping at a Victoria’s No Secrets in the near future?

March 26

Country Nurse Tells Ultimate Story of Giving

As Barbara Fout Tackitt notes in the prologue to her book that was published last year about being a traveling country nurse, her first job was in a small 20-bed hospital in Flora, Illinois.